Banat Amar

Passionate performers of traditional middle-eastern rhythm and dance, Banat Amar will delight you with their joyful improvisations and dynamic choreographies. Gorgeous rhythms from live percussionists accompany a troupe of enchanting and playful dancers in colourful and intricate costumes. Both the dances and costumes are inspired by late 19th century Ghawazee dancers of Egypt – renowned for their swinging hips, powerful shimmies, and delicate arms. Bring along your clapping hands and cheering voices!

Bush Capital Band

The Bush Capital Band is the Monaro Folk Society's Bush, or Australian Traditional Social Dance Band. Whether it be a rollicking woolshed dance or a formal social dance ball, it is their mission to make the music enjoyable and the dancing worthwhile and fun.

Canberra Scottish Country Dancers

The Canberra Scottish Country Dancers will entertain with a lively yet graceful display of Scottish Country Dancing, reflecting the diverse influence of traditional Scottish music and dance on modern Australia. Amongst the strathspeys, jigs and reels and ably accompanied by renowned musicians Emma Nixon and Iain McKenzie, look for references to the ACT and WA, including wildflowers, rivers and roundabouts!

Cue and Do

Cue and Do are the TSDAV's Norm Ellis calling, and musicians drawn from the Melbourne Colonial Dancers Band. Cue and Do is a high intensity 'Dance for Dancers', with a minimum of fuss: briefed and called, but mostly NOT walked through. It is structured for experienced dancers and maximum enjoyment.

Dances of the North

Madis Alvre and his wife Tiina will present a variety of Estonian, Finnish and Swedish folk and social dances, suitable for beginners as well as more experienced dancers, and ranging from circle and formation dances, to couple and progressive dances. Accompanied by Salmiakki Pelimannit led by Helen Strutt they will lead Dances of the North Workshop and Social Dance.

Darol Anger and the Republic of Strings (USA)

The Republic of Strings recruits a new generation of brilliant players along with acknowledged masters for a survey of the international string scene. Darol Anger’s unique vision comes into full play with densely orchestrated arrangements of music from around the world along with new originals. Fiddler, composer, producer and educator, Darol Anger is at home in a number of musical genres, some of which he helped to invent.

Dividing Range Dancers

The Dividing Range Dancers are a group of dancers from the ACT and NSW who share a common interest in traditional and lively forms of social
dance. Coming from a range of dance backgrounds, they enjoy a repertoire of couple dances, set dances and quadrilles from the past 200 years,
particularly those of relevance to Australia.

Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavour. The PK Wrigley Skifflejuggers

Billy Bragg recently wrote about skiffle influences in the UK, but what about Australia? From early music hall through jug and skiffle bands to early rock and roll there are stories of ‘home-made music’ in Australia. Many are recorded for the National Library of Australia collection. The ‘PK Wrigley Skifflejuggers’ (Seal, Willis, Browne, Cooper, and Nightingale) will bring these songs and stories to life. Bring your voices or kazoo and join in – you will know them!

Flamenco Centre Canberra

Tomás Dietz has been teaching flamenco dance in Canberra for nearly 20 years. Most of his students start with little or no dance experience, but their diligence in this austere discipline brings them to appreciate the depth of this stunning expression of personal struggle. This year his students will share their achievements with you in an intimate 'tablao' style show of pure flamenco dance – up close and personal, and 'muy flamenco'.

Friends Among Friends

The Friends play dance music for bush and colonial dances.

Jan and Bruce Clark of the Canberra Scottish Country Dancers Strathmannan

Experienced callers and teachers of Scottish Country Dance Jan and Bruce Clark will host and guide you through the fun that is a Scottish Ceilidh. Live music by local dance band Strathmannan will have your feet flying to traditional dances and tunes. A workshop ably led by Jan and Bruce Clark will teach dancers the finer points and figures of Ceilidh program to ensure everyone is on the dance floor.

Jumptown Swing

Jumptown Swing are a high energy group of swing dancers who look and dance like they came straight out of the 1940s, including the Lindy Hop and Charleston. Their vibrant displays and taster classes will transport you back to the jumping dance halls of Harlem. Catch one of their high-energy performances or come along to one of their always popular fun and friendly swing dance workshops.

KUD Razigrana Makedonka

KUD Razigrana Makedonka is a Macedonian folk dance group based in Queanbeyan NSW. The group has been active in the community for over 20 years and completed successful overseas tours in 2006, 2010 and 2017. They are passionate about upholding various traditions from across Macedonia while entertaining audiences with an array of authentic and artistic songs, dances and original choreographies.

Melbourne Colonial Dancers and Coral Eden

The Melbourne Colonial Dances were formed in 1974 to preserve the living history of Australian Colonial Heritage dance and dance music. Coral Eden has been running Beginner Dance Classes since 1993 and is committed to helping people learn and enjoy dancing. This year the Display Team will perform a heritage dance display intertwined with a Western Australian story.

Melbourne Comhaltas

Melbourne Comhaltas is a vibrant, welcoming group of expats and locals who, as an organisation, have spent nearly 50 years spreading and celebrating Irish culture through music and dance. Their shows are sure to delight and welcome audiences keen to give Irish set dancing a go. Their performances showcase some of the group's favourite songs and dances, and their workshops will get anyone up dancing, no matter their age or ability.

Perth International Dance

Perth International Dance teach, dance – and love – traditional dance from around the world, but especially from Europe. Their focus is on participation, to enjoy the moment and be a part of a rich life.

Peter Karmel

Balloon art for both children and adults. We take requests and are always up for a challenge, the weirder the better! This way of working has seen us make everything from “a teddy bear in a space ship” to “a snake on a snow pea” entirely out of balloons!

Roguery and Brooke Friendly (USA)

Roguery is Dave Bartley (plucky strings), Jim Oakden (keyboard strings winds) and Shira Kammen (bowed strings, voice), together with Brooke Friendly (dance caller and choreographer). They have wowed and entertained dancers and audiences at festivals and dance events throughout the US and in Great Britain. Individually they have appeared on over 150 CDs, including six as a band. Shira is highly respected in international early music circles, and Brooke has published five books of original dances.

Salmiakki Pelimannit

Salmiakki Pelimannit (Finnish for the Salty Licquorice Folk Musicians) has been performing the music of the Nordic countries for over 20 years. They have performed with Finnish, Swedish, Danish and Estonian dance groups and at festivals in Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Australia. Over the years they have introduced many Australian musicians to the beautiful music of the Scandinavian countries.

Short Dented Potts

Explore the ongoing tradition of English Country Dance with caller David Potter and band Short Dented Potts, a trio of musicians revelling in the beauty and complexity of whatever dance music takes their fancy. From the dainty melodies of the 1700s to the irresistible syncopation of a modern English Country dance, Short Dented Potts bring their unique perspective and their enthusiasm for you to enjoy.

Sydney English Country Dance

Sydney English Country Dance are a joyful group dedicated to continuing and sharing a lovely tradition. They appreciate and perform traditional dances, but are primarily devoted to enjoying English Country Dance as a modern and developing dance form encompassing a wide variety of musical styles.

Tango Social Club of Canberra

Since the first tango was danced in Australia in 1913, this urban dance from Argentina has captivated audiences, musicians and dancers here. A century later and the Tango Social Club of Canberra is here to showcase the variety of dances and music that make up the world of tango today.

TSDAV Dance Composers’ Competition

TSDAV has run a Dance Composer's Competition since 1980. Come and try the dances yourself to see if you agree with the judges! The dances are instructed, danced by you, and judged in this session. Awards are given for the best General Social Dance and the best Dance for More Experienced Dancers.

Ukestral Voices

This is a community choir with a little difference – a ukulele difference. Three- to four-part harmony arrangements of songs (contemporary, gospel, folk and world music), but accompanied and performed on the uke and with percussion. It’s a rich vocal sound with an underpinning of ukulele arpeggios and lead riffs. They have boundless enthusiasm and are known for a few dance moves and a bit of comic repertoire!