Amazing Drumming Monkeys

The Amazing Drumming Monkeys have been wowing audiences around Australia and overseas for the past 14 years! Their show combines a unique blend of puppetry, live drumming grooves, comedy, and heartwarming themes, to deliver a fun filled interactive show for the whole family. The show has cute and funny monkeys for the kids, great drumming for the adults, variety segments for all ages, and a message for the world.

Vegetable Plot, The

The Vegetable Plot is an award-winning live music act that has been spreading its funky roots all over Australia. Serving up a big wriggling heap of catchy tunes, colourful characters, quizzes, dances, jokes and truly rotten puns, these veggie superbeings are on a mission to change the way people think about both vegetables and “kid’s music”. Come and join Aspara Gus, Ru Barb, and Sir Paul McCarrotney for a ride on the soil train!