Andrew Galan

Andrew Galan is an internationally published poet and co-producer of Canberra-based poetry slam BAD!SLAM!NO!BISCUIT! at Smith's Alternative. Known for his gutsy and satirical writing style, Galan’s latest work, For All the Veronicas (The Dog Who Staid), won the 2017 ACT Writing and Publishing Award for its conversational tone, disrupted rhythms and clear influence from performance poetry. He has featured at Red Dirt and Queensland Poetry festivals, Chicago’s Uptown Poetry Slam and Woodford.


BAD!SLAM!NO!BISCUIT! IS YOUR POETRY SLAM IN THE NATIONAL FOLK FESTIVAL! And we want you on stage to perform, in the audience to yell and cheer and in the audience as one of five judges! Be there for THE BAD!SLAM!NO!BISCUIT! CANBERRA NATIONAL ANTHEM! FOR THE BAD!SLAM!NO!BISCUIT! CANBERRA NATIONAL MASCOT! Be there for the first prizes and the ducks! For The Master of Conflict! The Sacrificial Poet! and most of all BE THERE FOR THE POETRY!

Bruce Cameron

An opportunity for presenters, artists and listeners to get together to talk about the folk music we hear on radio. The Broadcasters Forum is facilitated by Bruce Cameron, producer and presenter of 'Come All Ye' on 2MCE-FM community radio since 1976.

Colleen Z Burke

Colleen Z Burke has published eleven poetry books and is the co-editor of The Turning Wave: Poems and Songs of Irish Australia. She has recently published two memoirs, The Waves Turn (2016) and The Human Heart is a Bold Traveller (2017). Colleen is also the author of Doherty's Corner, a biography and selection of poems by Australian poet, Marie E.J. Pitt.

David Hallett

Nimbin's award-winning poet olympian David Hallett has performed since the 1970s in outback schools and festivals, from the Sydney Opera House to the beat cafes of New York. His entertaining carousel of traditional and original poems jumps from page to stage, from the satiric to the comedic to lively social commentary on politics, the environment, love, shopping and our maddening digital world.

Geoffrey W Graham

Geoffrey is a raconteur and theatrical communicator. He has a real knack for weaving music, verse and theatre into emotional performances. He is originally from the bush – and, as they say "you can take the man out of the bush but..." People will attest that Geoffrey is full of it.

Irish Joe Lynch

Joe is the ultimate raconteur, with a direct connection to that rare and beautiful ancient Celtic art. You will laugh out loud one moment and journey away on a dream the next. A mesmerizing show not to be missed.

Jan ‘Yarn’ Wositzky

Bridging music, story and theatre, Jan is a consummate performer of Australian song and story – original and traditional. With an impressive list of credits dating back to co-founding The Bushwackers in 1971, Jan's shows are an alternative take on our national story, especially on black-white history. Playing claw-hammer style 5-string banjo, harmonica, bodhran, spoons and rhythm bones, his quirky, humorous and poignant performances are invariably strung together with a great yarn (pun intended).

Jason Roweth

A natural storyteller, with a warm, engaging stage presence, Jason presents a vibrant combination of new and old Australian traditional songs, poems, yarns, and observations. With his poetry repertoire drawn from the great Australian writers – Henry Lawson, Banjo Paterson, Denis Kevans, John Dengate and others, Jason will take you on a journey, make you laugh, and make you really think.

Maggie Somerville

Maggie Somerville has always loved poetry and music, as seen in her solo albums: ‘Roller-Coaster’ (2013) and ‘Baloney’ (2018), plus her joint album with Stephen Whiteside of C.J. Dennis poems, ‘The Two Bees’. She has just completed a Mary Gilmore album and produced a YouTube video of Gilmore’s famous poem, ‘No Foe Shall Gather Our Harvest’. Her next project is a John Shaw Neilson album. Maggie has also written poetry, some of it published.

Martin Pearson

Martin is synonymous with a small, cliff-nesting bird but not a tree-weasel. He will continue to stubbornly call himself a Folkie, and will crash-tackle anyone who refers to him as 'eclectic'.

Megan Roweth

Megan began performing poetry when she was just six years old, and has loved doing so ever since. Now, aged 11, she has won multiple awards for her reciting, and recorded her first album of poetry. "Megan Roweth’s delivery of this collection of classic Australian poetry is brimming with wit and a depth of perception beyond her years." – Kim Kelly, Writer

Potpourri of Poetry

Occasionally poets of varying species leave their tribes and come together to perform in their wildly (okay, sometimes mildly) differing poetic styles. Come and hear this collection of poets perform together in peaceful coexistence with Owen Bullock, Megan Roweth, Brojay, Frances Carleton and David Hallett.

Rhymer from Ryde, The

The Rhymer from Ryde lives for the stage and the 'adrenaline rush' that performing brings. Graeme's extensive repertoire of original, contemporary and traditional bush verse will entertain any audience regardless of their age and ensure they leave the venue with a smile of satisfaction on their face.

Sandra Renew

Sandra's poetry includes a range of critique and commentary on issues such war, gun violence, questions of gender, refugees, gay and lesbian politics through exploration of the themes of border crossings and inclusion. Sandra has three chapbooks available through Ginninderra Press. In 2018 her poem 'Edit' was performed by Spineless Wonders in Sydney and in 2017 her poem 'Twenty Boats' was included in the poetry production of Under Sedation produced by Adele Chynoweth in Canberra.

Stephen Whiteside

Stephen Whiteside has been writing and performing poetry for many years. In 2015, his collection of poetry for children, The Billy That Died With Its Boots On, won 'Book of the Year' at the Australian Bush Laureate Awards. Stephen is a great admirer of the Australian poet C. J. Dennis, and President of the C. J Dennis Society. He has presented much of Dennis' work with the assistance of Geoffrey Graham and Maggie Somerville.