Ali and Tom’s Musical Wheelbarrow

Ali the Apprentice and Tom the Musical Maestro have created a whimsical wheelbarrow with pipes, bells, whistles, horns and drums. Children of all ages and their families are invited to come and have a photo, learn the secrets of how sound works, and join in the musical madness. Help Ali and Tom create the ultimate Folk Festival orchestra!

Australian Morris Ring

The Australian Morris Ring is the governing organisation for Morris Dance in Australia, which plans and presents the Morris repertoire at the Festival each year.

Bella Donna Gorgonzola

Somewhere between an Italian wedding band and a French revolution, Bella Donna Gorgonzola knows how to start a party in eight languages. With a hint of blue and a lot of spice, these cheesy paisanos play a mix of youthful favourites and drinking hits.

Belswagger Morris Dancers

Belswagger Morris are Brisbane's number one traditional English Cotswold Morris dancing team. Sticks clashing, hankies waving, bells ringing: Belswagger bring the timeless Morris tradition to all and sundry.

Big Tops & Tiny Tots Circus Show

Calling alll Tiny Tots and Future Superstars! Luth's on an action-packed circus adventure, but she needs your help! She's looking for giggle-ready 3 to 6 year-olds to help solve a whole host of fun circus challenges in this five star circus show made just for preschoolers. After 45 minutes of endless giggling, they’ll be somersaulting out the door with excitement, ready to set off on their very own circus adventure.

Britannia Morris, The

The Britannia Morris has been engaged in the folkloric, ritualistic, traditional art of Morris dancing for almost 40 years, bringing delight to audiences all over Victoria and beyond. They display Cotswold Morris, including their very own Kellybrook Stout Matron tradition, always to live music.

Brothers OnFire

From a scarily young age the Holden boys have been playing with fire. From their home in Candelo in the Bega Valley, Jesse and Sammy have honed their skills in the circus arts to form Brothers OnFire. Their unique style weaves circus skills into street theatre and will appeal to all ages with its light-hearted exploration of the issues of their generation. It's a hot act!

Drummers Not Plumbers

Drummers not Plumbers is about participatory music making using colour coded stamping tubes and whacking big thongaphones. This year it shrinks down to a pop-up percussion jam for all ages, mixing hand percussion with the stamping tubes, improvising over bass riffs.

Peter Karmel

Balloon art for both children and adults. We take requests and are always up for a challenge, the weirder the better! This way of working has seen us make everything from “a teddy bear in a space ship” to “a snake on a snow pea” entirely out of balloons!

Raio De Sol Canberra Community Samba Band

Raio de Sol is Canberra’s community samba band. They are a group with heart, embracing community and invigorating South American drum beats with a big, bold and warming welcome. They welcome anyone from all walks of life to join, regardless of musical ability. Band members are from different backgrounds and from many countries who all love samba, rhythm, connection, drums, percussion and the joy of making music together to share.

Roving Unicycles

Roving Unicycles are an ACT community group with a mission to spread the unicycling bug to young and old. We are not afraid to make spectacles of ourselves and put smiles on peoples faces. Come and see just how much fun you can have on a unicycle.

Solid State Circus

Solid State Circus are back with their high energy circus shows and, in conjunction with Corrugated Iron (NT) and Warehouse Circus (ACT) will deliver this year's Circus program. Expect daring stunts, naughty night capers and acrobatic feats to take your breath away. Catch these performers around the Festival site every day.

Strange Weather Gospel Choir

Strange Weather Gospel Choir is a non-auditioned Canberra community choir whose repertoire includes gospel and spiritual songs as well as African, folk and contemporary pieces. Members are from all ages and walks of life and are united by the love of singing together. The choir's unique sound and exuberance have seen it grow to become a very popular choir in the Canberra region.

Surly Griffin Morris

The Surly Griffins are Canberra’s local Morris side. They challenge neatly defined conventions by bringing together the best of Border and Cotswold Morris styles with a dollop of Yorkshire Longsword for good measure. They dance in a relaxed, laconic, yet vigorous style and revel in entertaining crowds. Look out for their distinctive black costumes with vivid baldrics and vibrant tatter coats.

Sweet Mona’s Choir

Vibrant harmonically magnificent Sweet Mona’s Choir is a Ballarat-based gospel and world music choir of exceptional quality famous for their world-class arrangements. For over 20 years, the “Monas” have continued to delight audiences with their energetic stage presence and stunning vocals. The choir focuses on a cappella and rhythm, and performs a range of gospel and world music. They are a colourful and lively human music machine!

Ukestral Voices

This is a community choir with a little difference – a ukulele difference. Three- to four-part harmony arrangements of songs (contemporary, gospel, folk and world music), but accompanied and performed on the uke and with percussion. It’s a rich vocal sound with an underpinning of ukulele arpeggios and lead riffs. They have boundless enthusiasm and are known for a few dance moves and a bit of comic repertoire!

Uptown Brown!

Uptown Brown! is a singing gentleman-adventurer performing a program of 1920s–1930s jazz and blues on a self-invented one man band. His contraption is built from cedar, leather and brass, whilst vocals and fingerpicked ukulele are amplified through old megaphones, mimicking the effect of a 78 record. This charming one-man-band is ready to hit the streets of Paris, Marrakesh or Wagga Wagga.