40 Degrees South

40 Degrees South (formerly The Roaring Forties) is a Sydney-based group renowned since 1988 for the powerful impact they make singing unaccompanied folk songs. They have a shipload of traditional maritime songs and some fascinating contemporary compositions collected on trips abroad. Don Brian, Thomas Hanson, Chris Maltby and Margaret Walters are strong individual singers who choose robust songs telling of real people, their lives and work. Whatever they are singing, choruses, harmonies and wit abound.

Bluegrass Parkway

'Truly authentic' is the first idea that springs to mind when people see this incredibly experienced band strut their stuff. Bluegrass Parkway always has a great time on stage, leaving their audiences singing and laughing. Their single mic approach to traditional bluegrass is always a must-see ant any festival!

Bruce Cameron

An opportunity for presenters, artists and listeners to get together to talk about the folk music we hear on radio. The Broadcasters Forum is facilitated by Bruce Cameron, producer and presenter of 'Come All Ye' on 2MCE-FM community radio since 1976.

Bush Traditions Concert

This is a kind of soiree, one that is both a gathering and a concert. Hear some yarns, some songs and music in a relaxed community setting.

Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavour. The PK Wrigley Skifflejuggers

Billy Bragg recently wrote about skiffle influences in the UK, but what about Australia? From early music hall through jug and skiffle bands to early rock and roll there are stories of ‘home-made music’ in Australia. Many are recorded for the National Library of Australia collection. The ‘PK Wrigley Skifflejuggers’ (Seal, Willis, Browne, Cooper, and Nightingale) will bring these songs and stories to life. Bring your voices or kazoo and join in – you will know them!

Evergreen Ensemble

Evergreen Ensemble bridges the gap between folk music and baroque music. Known for their virtuosic programs bringing together the best of Australia's early music talent and folk icons, they weave stories back through time, rediscovering the sounds of folk melodies performed on period instruments. The group launched a second album, 'Snow in Summer', in Oct 2018 with a tour through Victoria and NSW.


Feeling powerless about the current direction of Australian and politics? Then come along and participate in FASCISIMO – an outrageous musical commentary on the country's lurch to the political right, adjudicated by the (dis)Hon Tony Abbutt.

Geoffrey W Graham

Geoffrey is a raconteur and theatrical communicator. He has a real knack for weaving music, verse and theatre into emotional performances. He is originally from the bush – and, as they say "you can take the man out of the bush but..." People will attest that Geoffrey is full of it.