Camping At The Festival



Camping Options

On-site camping is limited to Season + Camping Ticket holders only and is on a first in, first serve basis in the general campground.

There are a limited number of Season + Camping Tickets available due to space restrictions at Exhibition Park in Canberra, so we suggest you get in as early as possible.

Campers have the following camping options:

  • Setup in the general campground on a first in, first serve basis - BYO tent, motor home, caravan etc
  • Reserve a powered campsite (for an additional fee) in one of 3 powered camping areas within the general campground - BYO tent, motor home, caravan etc
  • Hire a tent in the Rent a Tent area

Within the general campground, campers have the following options:

OVAL CAMPING – The oval is split into two parts – a car park and tent only camping zone. If you plan to camp on the Oval, your car must remain in the designated car park for the duration of the Festival. Campervans, trucks and trailers are not permitted on the Oval at any time.

RESTRICTED AREAS – There is NO CAMPING or PARKING in the Entertainment Zone, the Dog Show Zone or under the Electrical Towers. Staff, Performer Rent a Tent and Area Coordinator camping areas will be from the Fitzroy to the Henley buildings. Camping and vehicle access to this area is restricted. Performer and Access Camping will be located behind the grandstand along Flemington Road and camping and vehicle access to this area is restricted to Performer, Access and Entertainment Zone vehicle pass holders only.

The 2020 Site Map will be available closer to the Festival. Please refer to the 2020 site map for reference.

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Camping Sites

Camp sites are claimed on a first in first serve basis. The convention is that a site is claimed if there is a tent or caravan on it. All campers have equal access to available sites and a bit of give-and-take can save undue stress. If you are camping with a group, you should arrive together or bring and erect all the tents for your group. Please keep your site area to a minimum.


  • Please ensure that any GUY ROPES around your site do not pose a safety hazard for other campers. Mark them with white plastic strips where necessary. Campground volunteers will remove guy ropes considered dangerous.
  • Please be conscious of access for vehicles, your own and your neighbours’, and of safety with vehicles.
  • Excessive noise will not be tolerated. After midnight you are expected to keep camp-site sound levels low enough that neighbours will not be inconvenienced.
  • Report any problems to the Festival Office.

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Facilities and Onsite Services

POWER - There is minimal power available across the general campground and it is only available on a first in first serve basis. In some areas power is unavailable.

For medical conditions requiring access to power please submit an Access Camping form to the Festival prior to Friday March 13, 2020. See the Disability Access page for more information.

TOILET/SHOWERS - There are shower and toilet facilities located throughout the site including portable facilities to supplement the permanent facilities. Some EPIC showers and toilets have wheelchair access, and these are indicated on the Site Map.

LAUNDRY - There is a laundry located on site at the Cotter Campground.

SHUTTLE BUS - A free shuttle bus loop service operates within the Festival campground.

Bus 1: loops from the Main Ticket office at the Wells Station Rd Entrance to the Quokka Gate.

Bus 2: loops from the Main ticket Office at the Wells Station Rd Entrance to the Fitzroy Gate.

This service is provided from Thursday afternoon until Monday evening. General service hours are from 8am to midnight.

ATM - ATM/Cash-out facilities will be available on-site from Thursday 9 April 2020.

WATER - Taps are located at most shower/toilet facilities and around the campsite. All tap water is drinkable except in the toilet/shower trucks. Please ensure you 
conserve water (especially hot water) by limiting your shower time and checking that taps are not left running or dripping.

PARKING - If you do not purchase a Campground Vehicle Pass, parking is available at Wells Station Road car park.

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Access to Camping Areas


The Festival camping areas will open to Season + Camping ticket holders at 9:00am Monday 6 April 2020.

There will be NO ACCESS onto the site before this time.

The campground closes midday Tuesday 14 April 2020.

All campers must vacate the Festival site by this time unless the camper is a volunteer undertaking volunteer shifts for pack-down / clean up and is authorised to camp beyond this date.

 24 hour access to the camping areas is via the Main Ticket Office off Wells Station Road ONLY (off the Federal Highway or Morrisset Street, from the west).

Vehicles entering the campground must have a pre-purchased Vehicle Pass in addition to a Season + Camping ticket.

Camping is restricted to the designated Campgrounds as shown on the map.

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Rent A Tent Accommodation

Rent a Tent is on-site camping in the best location without the hassle of having to bring your own tent or put it up.

Rent a Tent provides quality canvas two and four person tents, with stretcher beds, mattresses and a LED Lantern. All the tents are roomy and comfortable, with large screened windows and sewn in floors.

The tents are close to amenities, have ample parking  and are only a short stroll away from the Entertainment Zone! All you need to do is bring your own bedding and pillows!

Rent a Tent has lit streets to help you find your tent and has a crew on hand to assist.

 Rent a Tent is available only to patrons who have purchased a Season+Camping Ticket. Patrons who have purchased a Rent A Tent, can check in onsite from 4:00pm Wednesday 8 April. All patrons must vacate the tents by midday Tuesday 14 April 2020.

A 2 BED tent costs $370 or a 4 BED tent costs $550 and is booked when ticket purchase opens. There are a limited number of tents so get in early for this great offer.

To purchase Rent a Tent accommodation please visit our Tickets page.

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Camping Tickets

Camping is only available by purchasing a SEASON + CAMPING TICKET. There is no single night camping. A LIMITED number of SEASON + CAMPING tickets are available. These can be purchased online from August 1 until sold out.

  • Camping is sold on a per person basis, not per site.
  • Season+Camping ticket buyers intending to bring a vehicle into the campground must purchase a Campground Vehicle Pass ($35).
  • Child and Youth Season+Camping are only available when an Adult Season+Camping is also purchased and the Festival is provided with the contact details of a responsible adult.
  • Children under the age of 18 must camp with a responsible adult.

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The Festival has procedures in place to ensure all patrons will have a safe experience at the Festival. Safe behaviours are required at all times whilst onsite, including the following:

  • Wear foot-wear at all times at our Festival, both in the Camping Area and the Entertainment Zone.
  • Bicycles, scooters, skate-boards, roller-skates, are not permitted in the Entertainment Zone.
  • If you see a safety hazard, please report it quickly to the Festival Office.
  • Gas bottles must have a CURRENT inspection tag and maintained in 
accordance with Australian Standard 2030. Do not leave any gas appliances 
on and/or unattended.
  • Electrical leads and appliances must have a CURRENT inspection tag, in 
accordance with Australian Standard AS/NZ 3760-2003.
  • NO CAMPFIRES: Fires are not permitted in the camping areas. Fire bans must 
be observed within the Festival site.
  • All vehicle and safety access roads clearly marked within the campground 
must be kept clear AT ALL TIMES. Any tents or vehicles found within these areas will be relocated.

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Drugs and Alcohol

We are obliged to follow ACT laws relating to drug and alcohol consumption:

  • We have a zero tolerance policy in terms of underage drinking and illicit drugs. Offenders 
will be asked to leave the site.
  • Police will be involved when required.
  • We reserve the right to ask for proof of age– please carry Photo ID with you at 
all times.

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Autumn in Canberra is unpredictable so come prepared for warm sunny days, cool nights and possible rain. Campers are advised to bring plenty of warm bedding and clothing.

Don’t forget a hat, sunscreen and water-bottle for those warmer autumn days! Footwear is compulsory – make sure you bring comfortable shoes.

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No animals, pets, or companion animals are allowed on the Festival site except for:

  • Guide dogs
  • Hearing dogs
  • Assistance animals: that is, an animal that has been trained to assist a person to alleviate the effect of a disability

Assistance animals need to be registered with the Access team. Please phone the Festival Office before your arrival to arrange entry and collect a pass.

All guide dogs, hearing dogs and assistance animals must be on a lead at all times while on the Festival site.

Note that a person with a guide dog, hearing dog or assistance animal may be liable for any injury, loss, or damage caused by their assistance animal while it is on the Festival site.

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