Festival Food and Drink

2017-poster-reveal4We love good food and each year the Festival is packed with an amazing variety of fresh and tasty food from around the world to tempt your tastebuds.

Don't worry about being thirsty either - we have an array of steaming coffees and chai, refreshing juices and a whole lot more. Water stations are available so don't forget to bring a refillable bottle to reduce plastic bottle waste.

Our very own pottery mugs are also available at the Festival shop and can be used at all bars on site.


  • Sit in Central Park under a canopy of colourful lanterns, swing in a hammock and watch the kids devour a gooey cheese and ham toasty, while you tuck into a tasty seafood laksa, or black bean and feta burrito.
  • Cradle a plate of warm dutch poffertjes covered in homemade chocolate sauce and ice-cream, or maybe lemon and sugar - who doesn’t love mini pancakes!
  • Our stalls are offering more kid-friendly meals, and this year adds child size plates of pasta, kids dumplings and organic pizza by the slice to the menu, so mum and dad don’t need to split yet another hawaiian pizza, and instead can treat themselves to a pulled pork taco, a haloumi burger or perhaps a cuban chorizo platter.
  • Wander between venues with a Guatemalan coffee or rich hot chocolate spiced with chilli or cardamon pods, and give the kids a healthy treat with a frozen fruit slushy
  • Great for the whole family are the ubiquitous crowd pleasers like steaming baked potatoes piled with sour cream, grated cheese and chilli con carne, or a bacon and egg roll in the early morning, dripping with bbq sauce
  • The Festival menu caters for all dietary needs, featuring gluten-free options for classics such as german sausages or a reuben sandwich, dairy-free ice-creams, amazing vegetarian and vegan options, and stalls who use certified organic ingredients and source local produce.


Busy Food Stalls