National Folk Fellowship 2019/20

Applications Open 17 April – 30 June 2019

Folk musicians, singers, dancers, poets, performance artists, collector/performers

Looking for new material, original sources, fresh directions? The National Library of Australia holds the most significant folklore and related collections in the nation.

The annual National Folk Fellowship is offered jointly by the National Library of Australia and the National Folk Festival and offers a unique opportunity for the recipient to discover and explore original collected material held in the Library for use in their own artistic work. The main thrust of the Fellowship is to use and perhaps to reimagine in a contemporary context the material from the National Library’s Oral History and Folklore collection rather than using it to inspire entirely new compositions. The outcome of this residency at the National Library will result in a presentation of the research and a performance of works at the 2020 National Folk Festival, a recording of the material and a final presentation of the Fellowship outcomes at the National Library of Australia.

Fellows receive:

  • Special access to research facilities and collections
  • Access to the Library’s professional sound recording studios
  • $4000 for travel support, accommodation and project expenses for a residency at the Library of four weeks, or equivalent and a subsequent presentation on the Fellowship at the National Library.
  • $4000 (inclusive of travel & accommodation) performance fee for a presentation on the collected material and performances at the 2019 National Folk Festival.

The National Folk Fellowship recipient must be available to fulfil all the above commitments. The 2020 National Folk Festival will be held from 9 – 13 April inclusive. Fellowship residency is negotiable but should occur between September and November 2019. The final presentation at the NLA will be scheduled in October or early November 2020.

For Fellowship application enquiries please contact:

Pam Merrigan
Director, National Folk Festival
Mitchell, ACT 2911
Ph: 02 6262 4792

For general enquiries please contact the National Library:

Mark Piva
Assistant Director – Oral History and Folklore / Sound Preservation
National Library of Australia
Canberra ACT 2600
Phone: 02 6262 1545