The National Folk Festival is a ‘declared event’ under the Food Act 2001 (ACT) and all food stalls operating at the Festival must be registered, have a Food Safety Supervisor and comply with ACT food safety laws. Public Health Officers from the ACT Health Protection Service will attend the Festival to monitor food safety and hygiene, and to provide education and support to the staff and volunteers operating food stalls.


  • Out of state food stallholders are required to obtain Declared Event Registration through the ACT Health website. There is no charge for registration but as it may take 21- 28 days, early application is recommended.
  • All food stallholders need to supply a copy of their ACT Health or Declared Event Registration to the Festival and display it within their stall.



  • All food stallholders must appoint a Food Safety Supervisor who has completed, as a minimum, ACT Health’s free online I’m ALERT food safety training.



  • The ACT Gov has a great website with information about the requirements regarding the transport, storage, hygiene, preparation and display of food to assist food businesses achieve compliance with food safety requirements in the ACT.
  • All food stalls must have a current tagged as tested fire extinguisher and fire blanket.
  • Food stalls using deep fryers must have a current tagged as tested Dry Chemical Powder extinguisher.

Further information may be obtained here (Regulations ) and here (Inspections )


Festival management is proud of its ethical and environmental management record and strives to ensure environmentally sustainable practices are implemented at the Festival, including by its stallholders. The Festival provides waste management on site including collection of general waste, recycling, composting, and grey water and oil disposal. Stallholders of food stalls that require grey water and oil disposal should notify the Festival of this requirement in their application, as this will impact their stall positioning and to ensure the Festival has sufficient waste storage available.
Please be aware that:

  • All food stalls must provide biodegradable catering ware only.
  • Single-use plastic bottles are NO longer allowed to be sold.
  • Drinks must not be sold in glass bottles. Cans and cardboard box drinks are the only drink containers allowed onsite.
  • We encourage all stalls to recycle and compost as much as possible to help us reduce waste at the Festival.
  • We collaborate with food rescue charity OzHarvest to collect left-over food at the end of the Festival to distribute to families in need.