APPLICATIONS by prospective stallholders for a stall at the 2020 National Folk Festival (“Festival”) open on 1 August 2019 and close on 30 September 2019 and must be made online through the Festival’s website.

1.    FEES
for a stall at the Festival are listed on the website below:

In addition to the Fees, the following BOND must be paid for each stall within 14 days of acceptance:

  • Food/Drink stalls – $500 and
  • Merchandise stalls – $300.

2.    SITES: a stallholder may nominate up to 3 preferred site sections in their application. All requests will be considered but Festival management retains the right to place stalls in any location within the Festival’s Entertainment Zone.

3.    APPLICATIONS are accepted at the sole discretion of Festival management.

4.    NOTIFICATION of acceptance or rejection of an application by Festival management will be given to stallholder by the 31 October 2019 for the first of offers round of stalls. Second round notification will be 1 December 2019 and the final round of notification by the 31 January 2020

5.    CONTRACT, invoice & payment details will be forwarded to the stallholder with an offer of acceptance if an application is accepted.

6.    BOND must be paid by the 16 of November or within 14 days of the date on the acceptance email if accepted after the 16 November 2019. A bond paid by a stallholder will be refunded within 28 - 42 days after the 2020 Festival with deductions made for:

  • late payment of fees – $100
  • late submission of documentation – $100
  • site left unclean, damaged or pallets/crates/waste left on site – $ amount dependant on extent of damage or amount of pallets/crates/waste [see clause 24] or
  • any other breach of these terms and conditions - $100
  • any additional use of the space on site not applied for on the application or updated by the 31st January 2020 and not invoiced at the time of the festival (i.e. entertainment zone camping, back of house requirements) - $150.

7.    50% PAYMENT OF FEES must be paid by 11:59pm 31 December 2019. If the payment is not paid by this date, application may be treated as withdrawn.

8.    FINAL PAYMENT OF ALL FEES AND BOND is due by 31 January 2020. If the payment is not paid as per the schedule then:

  • by 31 January  2020 - a $100 late fee will be deducted from the bond.
  • by 7 February  2020 - the stall application will be withdrawn. The fees paid forfeited but Bond refunded less any fees imposed.

9.    WITHDRAWAL of a stall application by a stallholder after acceptance must be advised in writing to the Festival’s Stalls Manager. If an application is withdrawn:

    • before midnight 31 December 2019 – the 50% payment and Bond will be refunded less a $50 administration fee.
    • after 1 January 2020 –  all payment made will be forfeited but the Bond refunded less any fees imposed under clause 8.
    • after by 7 February 2020 – all fees paid will be forfeited but the Bond refunded less any fees imposed under clause

10.    DOCUMENTATION specified below (and in clause 22) must be supplied by stallholders to the Festival Office by the dates advised in the contract:

  • [all stallholders] Signed copy of the contract
  • [all stallholders] copies of current Certificates of Insurance for  Public Liability, Product and any other insurance prior to commencing trading at the Festival
  • [all stallholders] a completed Register of Dangerous Goods Form supplied by the Festival
  • [food stallholders only] a copy of ACT Health registration and food safety certification relating to the stall.
  • (out of state food stallholder) ACT Declared Event Registration certification

11.    PRODUCTS:
Only products described and approved on the application may be sold from the stall. Any changes must have written approval from the Stalls Manager. If stalls are found to be selling unapproved product it may be confiscated and attendance in future years may not be permitted.

12.    STALL SITE SET UP: Stallholders must operate within their allocated stall footprint. Booking a large enough site is the stallholder’s responsibility. Limited space is available for food vans and stall measurements MUST include tow bars and externally opening doors, and scale diagrams should include serving hatches. If you arrive at the Festival site with a larger set up than applied for, you may be asked to leave, forfeiting your paid fees. Festival management reserves the right to ask stalls to remove displays and signs if they are offensive, hindering the visibility of other stalls or are potentially hazardous to pedestrians or traffic flow.

13.    TENTS AND VANS: The Festival is an outdoor event and all stalls require cover for weather protection. Tents must be commercial grade/heavy duty and stalls located on tarmac surfaces will be provided with concrete weighting to meet Hire and Rental Industry Association guidelines. Tents on grass can be pegged to meet industry standards.

14.    TENTS FOR HIRE: Festival management can arrange hire of commercial grade tents through our supplier which are erected before a stallholder arrives on site. Tents include diagonal bracing bars at each end and the hire includes walls, weights and a light. If you have a corner position or would like to open the side walls, you will need to request horizontal bracing bars which are an additional cost. The cost of tent hire will be billed as part of the stall fees and must be paid for by the stallholder. The Festival does not arrange infill such as tables, chairs and flooring. These must be ordered independently by stallholders through external suppliers. Additional infill hire costs must be paid by the stallholder direct to the supplier.

15.    SECURITY: The Festival has security on site for the safety of all attendees but is not responsible for the security of goods or money. Festival management recommends stallholders secure their site at all times and remove valuables and cash floats from their stalls overnight.

16.    WEATHER: The Festival will take place regardless of the weather. No refunds will be given.

17.    ARRIVAL & DEPARTURE TIMES: Stalls bump-in times will be provided closer to the Festival and stallholders must only enter through gate 7, during set access times and observe any vehicle movement limitations. For the safety of pedestrians there will be absolutely no vehicle movement allowed within the Entertainment Zone for bump-out until midnight on Monday at the completion of the Festival. Stallholders must remove or arrange for the removal of everything relating to their stall at the end of the Festival by 5pm Wednesday.

Capital Chilled Foods (Canberra Milk) is the sole provider of all white milk products to the National Folk Festival. All white milk products must be purchased through Canberra Milk.

Food stalls must disclose the names of all other suppliers to the Stalls Manager prior to the Festival. This includes but is not limited to bread, gas and fresh produce suppliers. During the Festival, suppliers can deliver into the Entertainment Zone:

  • up until 12pm (midday) Thursday and
  • between 4am and 8am Friday to Monday.


  • Food stalls: 3pm – 10pm Thursday, 10am – 10pm Friday – Sunday, 10am – 9pm Monday
  • Merchandise stalls: 3pm – 9pm Thursday, 10am – 9pm Friday – Sunday, 10am – 9pm Monday
  • Stallholders may trade outside these set hours.

20.    POWER:

  • Stallholders must specify all power requirements in their application.
  • Access to power is strictly by pre-approval and stalls must only plug power leads into their designated, labelled outlets. Any leads found in non-approved outlets will be removed.
  • Leads are to be flown over walkways to the power box
  • Heavy Duty or Commercial leads must be used. Leads marked “Residential use only’ are not acceptable.
  • Leads must be able to plug into 15amp power and be up to 25m in length to reach distribution boards.
  • All leads and electrical appliances must have a valid and current safety test tag. An electrician will be on site before the Festival and able to test electrical items at a reduced fee to stallholders.
  • Double adaptors are not allowed. Power boards must be commercial grade with individual switches for each outlet and a Residual Current Device safety switch. Photos of these devices are available on the Festival website.

21.    GAS REQUIREMENTS: Food stalls using gas must notify the Stalls Manager of the full quantity of gas cylinders they will have onsite at any one time and mark the storage location on their scaled stall map.

  • Cylinders must have a date stamp less than 10 years old.
  • Cylinders need to be stored upright and away from any flame or heat source.
  • Cylinder valves must be closed when not in use and checked for leaks after installation and prior to first use.
  • Stalls are required to meet Australian Standard AS/NZS 1596 – The Storage & Handling of LP Gas and not exceed more than 60kg maximum total quantity per stall and maximum cylinder size of 15kg.
  • Food vans/trailers must be certified from the state or territory they are registered with. Certification must be displayed by a Gas data plate of certification affixed near the LP Gas cylinders or by presenting a certificate of appliance when requested by an authorised inspector.
  • All gas appliances must be certified for Australian use.
  • Portable butane ‘lunchbox’ style cookers are banned due to safety risks.


  • All stallholders and their staff who will be on site during bump-in and/or bump-out must:

- complete the online site safety induction prior to entering the Festival site and
- wear high visibility vests and enclosed shoes.

  • All stallholders and stalls must comply with the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (ACT) and may be visited by WorkSafe ACT. Compliance information may be obtained at:
  • All stallholders are required to complete a Register of Dangerous Goods form supplied by the Festival.
    • The handling of chemicals and explosives in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) is regulated under the Dangerous Substances Act 2004 (ACT) and the Dangerous Substances (General) Regulation 2004 which may differ to requirements in another State or Territory. Any stallholder handling dangerous substances must comply with ACT law at the Festival. Register of Dangerous Substance forms are available of the Festival website.
  • The National Folk Festival is a ‘declared event’ under the Food Act 2001 (ACT) and all food stalls operating at the Festival must be registered, have a Food Safety Supervisor and comply with ACT food safety laws.
  • Out of state food stallholders and ACT food stallholders without current ACT Health registration are required to obtain Declared Event Registration through the ACT Health website. There is no charge for registration but as it may take 21- 28 days, early application is recommended.
  • All food stallholders need to supply a copy of their ACT Health or Declared Event Registration to the Festival and display it within their stall.
  • All food stallholders must appoint a Food Safety Supervisor who has completed, as a minimum, ACT Health’s free online I’m ALERT food safety training.
  • Public Health Officers from the ACT Health Protection Service will attend the Festival to monitor food safety and hygiene, and to provide education and support to the staff and volunteers operating food stalls.
  • A Guide for Food Businesses has been developed to assist food businesses achieve compliance with food safety requirements in the ACT.
  • Food stalls must conduct regular temperature checks during transport, storage and display of foods and record these onto a Declared Event Temperature Log.
  • All food stalls must have a valid current tagged as tested fire extinguisher and fire blanket.
  • Food stalls using deep fryers must have a tagged as tested Dry Chemical Powder extinguisher.
  • Further information may be obtained at:

23.    ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT:Festival management is proud of its ethical and environmental management record and strives to ensure environmentally sustainable practices are implemented at the Festival, including by its stallholders. The Festival provides waste management on site including collection of general waste, recycling, composting, grey water and oil disposal. Stallholders of food stalls that require grey water and oil disposal should notify the Festival of this requirement in their application, as this will impact stall positioning and ensure the Festival has sufficient waste storage available.Please be aware that:

  • All food stalls must provide biodegradable plates, bowls, straws and cutlery. Coffee cups will be recycled onsite. Stalls found not to be using sustainable products will have the items confiscated until the end of the Festival.
  • Single-use plastic bottles can no longer be sold onsite. Drinks must not be sold in glass bottles. We encourage all stalls to recycle and compost as much as possible to help us reduce waste at the Festival.
  • If you depart the Festival before a member of the Stalls Team has checked your site and your stall site is left unclean, damaged (such as oil spills or damage to infrastructure), crates, pallets or other waste is discarded anywhere on site then some or all of the Bond will not be refunded.

24.    BEHAVIOUR: All stallholders and staff must comply with the Festival’s Ticket Terms and Conditions regarding behaviour. In addition, a stallholder or member of a stallholder’s staff using threatening behaviour, abusive language, under the influence of illegal drugs or under the influence of alcohol while working in a stall, may be removed from the Festival site and prevented from trading with the Festival in the future. A stallholder who is removed from the site will not be allowed access to pack up their stall until the end of the Festival and will forfeit their full stall fee.

25.    LIQUOR LICENSING: The Festival is a liquor-licensed event. As stated in the Ticket Terms and Conditions, BYO alcohol is not permitted within the Festival Entertainment Zone. This includes stalls (including within the stall footprint is not permitted). Stallholders and staff are subject to the same laws as any other person at the Festival regarding supply of alcohol to, and consumption of alcohol by, a person under the age of 18.

26.    SMOKING: Smoking in the Entertainment Zone (including within the stall footprint) is not permitted anywhere but in smoking areas designated by the Festival.

27.    WRISTBANDS: The Festival is a ticketed event and every person on site, including stallholders and staff, must be in possession of a valid wristband. If the wearing of the wristband on a wrist could pose a risk to the health and safety of the wearer (such as where the person is involved in food preparation) the wristband may be worn or attached to the person in some other manner so that it can be seen but does not pose any health or safety risk. Food Safe wristband will be supplied as a needed base from directly with the Stalls Team.

28.    NOISE: The Festival has programed performance venues near stalls that can be impacted by noise emanating from a stall. Stallholders are required to comply with any reasonable request by Festival Management to reduce the noise from their stall if it is considered to be affecting our programmed performance venues.

29.   VALUED CONTRIBUTION: Festival management is proud of the friendly atmosphere and community feel engendered at the Festival and our stalls are an essential and valued part of the Festival. Festival management asks that stallholders and staff embrace and contribute to that atmosphere and community feel.  While not an essential ‘term and condition’, stallholders are permitted and encouraged to present their stall in a ‘festive’ manner by use of decorations and environmentally sustainable (solar) lighting should they choose to do so.

Download a copy of our 2020 Stalls Terms & Conditions

For any stalls enquiries, please contact our Stalls Manager on 02 6262 4792 or