Code of Conduct

At the National Folk Festival we:-

Comradeship & Teamwork

  • Work together to create an event and environment that is inclusive, supportive and encouraging to all, promoting participation and cooperation
  • Recognise and acknowledge each other’s skills, abilities and achievements share the load and provide encouragement
  • Help others achieve their endeavours and aspirations
  • Acknowledge that we rely on each other and our combined efforts exceed the sum of our individual efforts


  • Treat each other with courtesy, sensitivity, tact, consideration and respect


  • Value the trust we have in each other
  • Honour the confidentiality people may place in us honesty & truthfulness
  • Are truthful with our colleagues and ourselves
  • Express our views openly and directly without fear or favour, with tact and in accordance with known, available facts
  • Acknowledge we sometimes make mistakes and accept responsibility for our actions


  • Believe in doing a job the right way and with appropriate enthusiasm
  • Take pride in our actions and tasks being undertaken
  • Share and promote the culture, purpose and objectives of our event
  • Ask for support when needed
  • Keep the Festival office informed about changes to our circumstances


  • Take care of, respect and support each other
  • Promote healthy and safe work practices
  • Foster an environment of well being, happiness, health and prosperity
  • Respect and use all equipment in the way in which it was intended
  • Report all injuries, illnesses, accidents and near misses immediately to the appropriate people
  • Recognise that common sense is fundamental to our safety

Drugs and Alcohol

  • Do not be under the influence of alcohol while on shift.
  • Respect the festivals zero tolerance towards illegal substances

Self Discipline

  • Exercise self control in managing stress, anger and our attitude in general
  • Recognise our limitations and those of others


  • Practice effective listening
  • Value two-way communication
  • Seek advice whenever appropriate
  • Respect constructive comment and feedback

Leadership & Discipline

  • Give clear directions
  • Lead in a responsible, patient and encouraging manner
  • Recognise the Chain of Command as part of our festival structure and use it to support our activities as appropriate
  • Share leadership through delegation and empowerment

Equity & Diversity

  • Stand up for the rights of others as well as our own
  • Treat all people as unique individuals and value their beliefs, opinions, knowledge and experiences irrespective of race, religion, colour, age, gender, creed, or musical tastes
  • Assign roles according to talents and abilities