Lifetime Achievement Award

National Folk Festival Lifetime Achievement Award Nominations

The National Folk Festival Lifetime Achievement Award acknowledges people who, throughout their lifetime, have made a significant commitment and contribution to enriching folk music and culture in Australia.  This may be as a performing artist within the folk genre or in other ways, such as through collecting and/or recording folk culture, organising folk festivals or running a folk club.  The Award may be made to an individual or group of persons who satisfy this criteria.

The Award is made periodically at the discretion of the Festival’s Board of Directors. To assist the Board identify persons who may meet the Award criteria, the Board invites the nomination of suitable persons/group of persons. A nomination can be made at any time by completing the nomination form. Nominations received by 31 October in any given year will be considered for the next award. A nomination need only be made once as all previous nominations will be retained and considered.

All nominations must be emailed to:

Nominations will not be published. A nominator may be contacted by the Board in relation to the nomination but the Board’s consideration and determination of a nomination is confidential.

Click Here to Download Lifetime Achievement Award Nomination Form