Select this category if you are offering activities for children including performances, themed shows, storytelling, craft, dance and/or music workshops. The following information is provided to assist you in completing the online Application. Please READ ALL information carefully before starting your application.

National_Folk_Festival_Kids Fest_2018 (1)YOUR ACT/ARTIST NAME: When entering your Act Name please ensure this is NOT a description of what you are offering (eg. “Pirate Adventure Concert” is a description, “Billy the Buccaneer” is an Act Name. If you don’t have an Act Name use your own. You will be asked to give your Act type. Choose Children’s Entertainer and then, under Genre, choose one or two words that best describe your act.

When asked to select your program category/categories (you can select more than one) tick KidzFest. If you are also offering other program elements you should also tick the relevant box and then ensure you include a description in the next part of the application.

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WHAT ARE YOU OFFERING: This will all now be listed in the one place so ensure you include everything, especially if you tick any of the other program categories. Please DO NOT give lengthy descriptions. Keep each entry to one line only. With so many applications we don’t have time to plough through 100s and 100s or words. See the example below. If we want more information we will ask for it if your application is successful.

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NFF audience - photos by Konrad Lenz (2)

ACCOMMODATION: The NFF expects performers to make use of the free on site camping facilities available in the dedicated performer camping area. If you do not wish to camp you may choose to organise your own accommodation at your cost.

QUOTING YOUR FEE: Your quoted fee should cover your act for the entire festival including travel costs and, be realistic, moderate and reasonable. Please note that we do not pay a per performance fee. DO NOT include GST when quoting your fee. Please keep in mind that the National Folk Festival is a not-for-profit, community based arts organisation run by volunteers and a small staff. Any profits that the Festival makes are used towards improving the staging of the event.