Knit the National – Bollard Creations Competition

Competition Overview:

bollard2Knit the National is a new project to decorate the Festival Site in 2015. Part of this initiative was our successful CD weaving project at Floriade earlier this year. Now we have decided to take it up a notch with our Bollard Creations Competition.

Many of you will be aware that there are plenty of bollards around the EPIC site. An idea was brought to the table to do some yarn bombing, in particular, to create something out of wool to dress the bollards.

This will create a bright and beautiful art installation for this year’s festival. If you knit, you’re invited to participate, and add a colourful piece to the 2015 Festival.

Competition Details:
We are after at least 70 creations to fit onto the bollards that are located around the festival site.

There are two sets of bollards, the dimensions are:

BOLLARD 1 – 30 available bollards

  • 56cm circumference
  • 16cm diameter
  • 80cm high

BOLLARD 2 – 49 available bollards

  • 40cm circumference
  • 14cm diameter
  • 72cm high

The creations need to cover at least 80% of the bollard in order for the pieces to be as effective as possible.

The idea is that they will simply pull over the bollard and remain there for the duration of the festival.

We are after bright, colourful, imaginative, and completely out there coverings. They can be as imaginative and original as you like!


The costumes will be judged onsite by 3 judges that are external to festival staff. The winners will be notified by phone and email.

The winner will receive a festival merchandise pack valued at $100.00. The pack includes a Festival mug, Festival t-shirt, poster and $30.00 worth of drink tickets that can be used at any of our 4 bars.

Competition closes Friday 13th March 2015.

Important Information:

  • This competition is open to anyone attending the festival in any capacity except for staff and board members of the National Folk Festival.
  • Anyone who is interested in submitting a costume will need to first register with the festival. Once registered, you will then be allocated a bollard.
  • All costumes need to cover at least 80% of the bollard. They need to be submitted as one full-completed piece with the main product used being wool. You can add other products such a googly eyes, ribbons etc., but wool needs to be used in at least 70% of your creation.
  • Your creation needs to be sent to:

National Folk Festival, PO Box 179, MITCHELL ACT 2911

If you are local and would like to drop off your creation in person, please phone a member of staff on 6262 4792 or email

  • All costumes need to have a tag on the inside with your full name, contact number, email address and which bollard you have made your costume for – either #1 or #2.
  • Once you have submitted your costume, it then becomes the property of the National Folk Festival to be used at future events.
  • If your costume is chosen as the winner, you will be contacted via phone and email by Thursday 2 April 2015.


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Images courtesy of Pinterest and Google Images