Lifetime Achievement Award 2020

The National Folk Festival Lifetime Achievement Award acknowledges people who, throughout their lifetime, have made a significant commitment and contribution to enriching folk music and culture in Australia.

One half of this year’s award winner hails from Sydney, and joined the cast of Reedy River in 1954. He subsequently joined the Bushwhackers, and then the Rambleers, and wrote several plays and folk operas for children.

The other half of the award also hails from sunny Sydney, and spent her early years engaged with modern dance and classical ballet.

The two met and developed the Australian Folk Theatre, which travelled Australia performing songs, poems, dances and stories for children, having performed more than 7,500 shows by 2012.

In 1968 these two also began recording oral histories in NSW and Queensland, the majority of which are held in the National Library of Australia’s collections.

We are lucky to have such dedicated, diverse and engaging members of our folk community, and we are pleased to announce that this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award goes to Alex and Annette Hood.