Streetperformer - Roving Unicycles5Select this category if you are a Street Performer – Dance, Circus, Roving and Other. Street Choirs should also refer to the additional information at the bottom of this page.

The following information is provided to assist street performers to complete the online Application. Please READ ALL information carefully before starting your application.

Street performers please note: Due to the size of our site, the numbers of people moving through it and the positioning of programmed venues it is no longer possible to accommodate instrumental groups of more than between 10 – 12 performers. Street Choirs may have up to 20 singers plus a Choir Director.


NFF Grand Parade - Photos by Konrad Lenz (3)YOUR ACT NAME
When entering your Act Name please ensure this is NOT a description of what you are offering (eg. “Giant Street Puppets” is a description, “Sam and the Big Giant”  is an Act Name. If you don’t have an Act Name use your own. You will then be asked to give your Act Type. Please select the Street category and then, under Genre, choose the one or two words that best describe your act.

When asked to select your program category/categories (you can select more than one) tick Street. If you are also offering other program elements i.e. a KidzFest show or activity or Circus/Theatre etc. you should also tick the relevant box and then ensure you include a description in the next part of the application.

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WHAT ARE YOU OFFERING: This will all now be listed in the one place so ensure you include everything, especially if you tick any of the other program categories. Please DO NOT give lengthy descriptions. Keep each entry to one line only. With so many applications we don’t have time to plough through 100s and 100s or words. See the examples below. If we want more information we will ask for it if your application is successful.

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Street_Xscape_Photography(Jackson_Jones)(15)ARTIST NAMES: Please include ALL performer names in your act when completing your application. It is NOT acceptable to just give a number of performers. Doing this may severely jeopardise your application. The festival realises that in some cases you may need to make name changes closer to the event as circumstances deem necessary. This can be done only with the prior approval of the Festival Director. Any names not included in the application will not be eligible for the Earlybird 1 ticket offer if unsuccessful.

PAYMENT: The Festival is NOT ABLE to pay fees for Street Choirs, Street Bands, Street Dance or Circus Buskers. In other cases, any quoted fee should cover the act for the entire festival and, be realistic, moderate and reasonable. DO NOT include GST when quoting your fee. Please keep in mind that the National Folk Festival is a not-for-profit, community based arts organisation run by volunteers and a small staff.

ACCOMMODATION: The Festival provides on-site camping passes for Street performers in the General Camping Area only. Other accommodation is at your own cost.

2C2A0063daynaransleyStreet Choirs – Additional Information  
The National Folk Festival engages several singing groups / choirs as performers. The Street Choirs are valued for their mobility, spontaneity and up-close involvement with street audiences.
Choir Selection Preference is given to ensure that choirs are representative of different States and/or Territories.
– Each group sings 4 x 30 minute sets in exchange for season tickets (season/camping pass for interstate groups)
– Groups perform their preferred repertoire.
– Groups sing at a location in one of a number of identified outside spaces.
– Due to audience request, the street choirs’ schedule will be published in the Festival Program.
This model provides choirs with an opportunity to sing in a busking environment and to attract and engage a passing audience. Street choirs are also encouraged to book a spot at one of the available blackboard venues. Street Choir sites will be allocated by the NFF Street Choir Co-ordinator from a small number of options that limit noise contamination from other performers and have good pedestrian traffic.
Choirs contribute enormously to the Festival ambiance, enrich the Festival experience for passers-by and expose everyone to a range of the all-year singing opportunities out there in the community.
Availability The Street Choir Program runs from 10am Good Friday until 4pm Easter Monday. To assist with programming ALL Street Choirs selected are expected to be available for the entire period.
Artist Names and Numbers Due to the nature of the Festival site and the numbers of people moving around the site at any one time it has become necessary to restrict choir numbers to not more than 20 singers but not including the Choir Director. It is assumed that the Choir Director will be the person submitting the application and will be included for the purpose of issuing tickets. When completing your application please include ALL performer names in your Act plus voice type (instrument) e.g. tenor, soprano. It is NOT acceptable to just give a number. This may severely jeopardise your application. The festival realises that in some cases you may need to make name changes closer to the event as circumstances deem necessary. Any names not included in the application will not be eligible for the Earlybird 1 ticket offer if unsuccessful.
How to Apply To apply for the Street Choir program, please complete the 2019 Performer Application and make sure you select the box marked Street Choirs on page 2 of the Application Form.
Family Tickets If your Street Choir is successful members will be eligible to purchase a ticket for their spouse/partner and dependent children 18 yrs and under at the Early Bird 1 rate. Extended family members are NOT ELIGIBLE for this offer.